American Frontier

Oil may have been discovered in North Dakota in 1951, but the industry, the petroleum industry, was born in 1953.  In 1953, North Dakota’s petroleum industry began construction on an oil refinery at Mandan, and another in Williston.  Pipelines began to stretch out across the state to carry petroleum, and natural gas and a natural gas…
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I’ll Drink All The Oil You Get In North Dakota

Legend had it that when a landman approached a North Dakota wheat farmer about leasing his mineral rights for oil exploration he said he’d be glad to sign a lease and quipped, “I’ll drink all the oil you get in North Dakota.” On April 4th, 1951, North Dakota, after unsuccessfully exploring for 34 years, became…
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A Brief History

North Dakotan’s began searching for oil in 1917 when a Des Lacs farmer found oil in a water well.  This first well along with the next 12 wells were all drilled with money raised locally in a community affair.  All these wells, except one, were ultimately unsuccessful, not just because the small local companies ran…
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